Coastal Marine Resource Specialist; Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission

Job Title: 
Coastal Marine Resource Specialist
Job Location: 
Forks, Washington
Application Deadline: 
Friday, October 11, 2019

This position will focus primarily on ocean fishery resources and marine issues that affect them. The species involved include all marine species of importance to the coastal tribes that includes, but not limited to the following: flatfish, rockfish, halibut, groundfish (e.g., sablefish, lingcod and Pacific whiting), and forage fish (e.g., sardine and smelt). The incumbent will work under the direction of the coastal tribe’s fishery managers and their pertinent technical staff to support their marine science needs. This position will participate within international, federal, state and inter-tribal forums as requested by the coastal tribes to observe, analyze, and report on ocean fishery management, science and issues including stock assessments, harvest management models, habitat issues, regulatory requirements, fishery’s technology and catch and bycatch statistics. This position will be required to implement technical programs as requested by the coastal tribes to assist tribes with ocean fishery management.

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