Coastal Biologist; National Audubon Society

Job Title: 
Coastal Biologist
Job Location: 
Texas City, Texas

With a 92-year presence on the Texas Gulf Coast, Audubon Texas manages a system of more than 179 island sanctuaries on which the majority of Texas’s waterbirds depend for their survival. This position offers an exciting opportunity for a qualified biologist to engage in on-the-ground conservation and further coastal bird conservation efforts in Texas. Audubon Texas is recruiting a Coastal Biologist to assist with colonial waterbird surveys, Black Rail population assessments, bird habitat management, Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program and overall science support to the Coastal Conservation Program. This is a full-time position that will be located in the mid-to upper Texas Coast with responsibilities relating to conservation of coastal birds along the entire Texas coast. Duties will include coordinating study design and sampling protocols for various avian guilds and coastal plant communities, managing and analyzing data, writing reports and publications, project management, developing partnerships, speaking on behalf of Audubon’s conservation initiatives, and communicating scientific findings to a broad audience. This position will collaborate with local and federal agencies and non-profit organizations on specific projects and surveys as assigned. There will also be a focus on working with private land owners and managers.

The ideal candidate should have a strong educational background in coastal ecology, avian biology, or a related natural sciences field. They should have knowledge of Texas coastal habitats; experience with habitat mapping of coastal and wetland ecosystems; experience conducting bird surveys and experience with habitat management (e.g., planting, applying herbicide, and manually removing plants). Additionally, the ideal candidate should demonstrate the ability to implement multiple project tasks simultaneously and the ability to work effectively with others.

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