Salmon Watershed Scientist; Wild Salmon Center

Job Title: 
Salmon Watershed Scientist
Job Location: 
Portland, Oregon
Application Deadline: 
Thursday, February 27, 2020

Salmon Watershed Scientist is an exciting, new position at Wild Salmon Center envisioned as a full-time, regular exempt position eligible for all WSC benefits.

The position is based in WSC’s home office in Portland, Oregon.

The person in this position will work with WSC’s Science Director to develop, manage, and execute applied salmon conservation research, provide scientific support to WSC’s conservation initiatives, collaborate with WSC program staff and communicate science findings to policy makers, managers, and the general public.

The person in this position will help maintain and enhance WSC’s reputation and standing as the leading science-based Pacific salmon conservation organization. They will be responsible for interpretation and communication of critical salmon information and concepts in innovative ways to help WSC develop, prioritize and communicate conservation strategies. Because of the breadth of issues covered by the WSC, they will work not only with WSC’s Science Director, but also subcontractors and collaborating scientists who can bring specialized expertise to specific policy questions of importance to the organization and its partners.

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