Post-doctoral Researcher in Ecological Modeling and Marine Ecosystem Services; SinBiose

Job Title: 
Post-doctoral Researcher in Ecological Modeling and Marine Ecosystem Services
Application Deadline: 
Sunday, March 15, 2020

The project “Brazilian reef systems in the Anthropocene: estimating the impacts of biodiversity loss on marine ecosystem functioning and services to improve future management and livelihood” is part of SinBiose, the first ecological synthesis center in Brazil. The project working group includes 19 researchers and managers from Brazilian, European and American institutions. In this project we will unify extensive datasets collected systematically for reef organisms (fish and benthos) across varying spatial and temporal scales in Brazil.

The project aims to (i) deliver an integrative synthesis about the distribution of reef biodiversity and the ecosystem services they provide along the Brazilian coast, (ii) model the responses and future trajectories of Brazilian reef communities to global change (e.g. rising SST), (iii) assess the effectiveness of the Brazilian network Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in safeguarding and offering services to local human populations.

Post-doctoral researcher will manage large datasets, conduct data analysis, participate in working group meetings and lead several research articles.

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