Community Engagement Consultant; Ocean Cycle Inc. (OCI)

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Community Engagement Consultant
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Ocean Cycle Inc. (OCI), ( is a social enterprise reimagining the circular economy through sourcing, certifying and reusing materials to prevent ocean plastic pollution. OceanCycle partners with local plastic collectors, recycling centers, aggregation and production plants, and manufacturers to assure that the chain of custody of the plastic products are handled, processed, and used in ethical ways. OceanCycle cares about the people in each step of the process, as well as the plastic and its quality, and are committed long term to the health of communities. OCI is looking for a short-term consultant, which could lead to more long-time employment, to collect data in communities and collection centers throughout Thailand. The consultant would be interviewing plastic pickers, center workers and managers, and community members to understand the current practices in various communities. The data would be collected and entered in a data base for further analysis. Some of the interviews would be in communities and centers where OCI already partners and in some communities new to OCI. The data would therefore be baseline information about the landscape, practices, and attitudes towards the recycling of plastic, while in know communities would be data collection from folks and centers certified or in process of being certified to meet certain standards. The data collected includes information about the collector’s practices, needs, engagement with centers that buy the plastic, as well as the working conditions and practices of the collection centers who purchase the plastic for processing. The data collection forms are developed and scripted, so the consultant would be traveling to various sites, conducting interviews, filling in forms, and then entering the data into a database. Part of this work will include translating the data collection forms into Thai and then translating the data collected back into English. The consultant would need to feel comfortable traveling within Thailand and would be paid both for the interviews, as well as the transport needed to move around.

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