Coastal Program Manager; San Diego Coast District Office

Job Title: 
Coastal Program Manager
Job Location: 
San Diego, California
$6,722 – $8,352 per month
Application Information: 

The California Coastal Commission (Commission) is offering an exciting opportunity to participate in planning and regulating development on California’s vibrant San Diego Coast. This is a management position with broad responsibilities for analyst supervision and personnel oversight and general administration of Local Coastal Program planning and regulatory work in the San Diego Coast, including project management, coordination with other agency units (e.g., legal, enforcement, technical services, federal consistency), participating in agency-wide senior staff meetings and coordination, external communications outside the District, as well as backup coverage of the District Manager and Deputy Director responsibilities when necessary. Oversight, review, writing and editing of staff recommendations are required. In addition, attending and making staff presentations at certain Coastal Commission meetings will be required. Due to the complexity and quantity of work handled by the San Diego Coast District, the Coastal Program Manager will be responsible for overseeing specific planning areas and jurisdictions and working on interagency interests and coordination, in consultation with the District Manager. Both Managers will co-manage District staff, reporting directly to the Deputy Director. Areas of responsibility are generally divided based on geography, relative workload, and evolving needs within the District office. A significant amount of travel and fieldwork is required due to the size of the District.

The San Diego Coast District Office is responsible for carrying out a permit program for new development proposed in areas such as tidelands, wetlands, and certain other areas where the Commission maintains coastal permitting authority. The District staff is responsible for i) monitoring and assisting the coastal permitting programs of the coastal jurisdictions (cities, counties, and ports) located in San Diego County; ii) reviewing development proposals to be undertaken by CalTrans pursuant to a public works plan; and iii) reviewing regulatory actions taken by local governments within the San Diego coastal zone that are appealed to the Coastal Commission.

The Commission is a small state agency that is charged with protecting coastal resources and managing coastal development in California. The mission of the Commission is to implement the Coastal Act and to provide for the balanced use of the coastal zone and to protect, restore, and enhance coastal and marine resources for the continuing benefit of current and future generations. Employees at the Commission enjoy working on a broad range of issues to plan for and manage coastal land uses while protecting important coastal resources including wetlands, habitats that support rare and endangered species, scenic landscapes and views to the sea, public shoreline access and recreation opportunities. The Commission’s staff includes dedicated planners, scientists, attorneys and administrative staff.

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