Coastal Scientist; Lynker Technologies LLC and NOAA

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Coastal Scientist
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Lynker is hiring a Coastal Scientist to work alongside water resources engineers and other scientific experts with NOAA’s Office of Water Prediction (OWP) at the National Water Center (NWC) on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa. This position can be filled remotely by the right candidate. The selected candidate will be a part of a team of scientists and engineers working on real-time inland and coastal hydrodynamic/hydrologic forecasting. The NWC is currently supporting research and development modeling activities focused on coupling freshwater model applications to ocean models. NOAA’s NWM is the foundation for the nationally consistent operational hydro forecasting and source of inland hydrologic information. Lynker staff are developing demonstration code and associated documentation to couple the National Water Model (NWM) to the NOAA operational ocean forecast system ESTOFS (Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System) and are exploring the feasibility for using NOAA Environmental Modeling System for unified model coupling in the Coastal Zone.


Daily activities of the position will include research and development for coastal modeling applications; collaboration with scientific experts and stakeholders to identify gaps and weaknesses in existing modeling methods; and geoprocessing and algorithm development (i.e. programming) for automated workflows for processing model input/output data.


Experience or skills should include:

  • Graduate-level education/training (or equivalent experience) in hydrodynamic/hydrologic science and geospatial science, coastal hydrodynamic modeling, and process-automation programming using Python, R or similar languages 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of saltwater physical processes (ocean hydrodynamics, waves, wind, surge, tides, etc.) 
  • Knowledge of hydrodynamic/hydrologic geospatial data processing of hydrography and bathymetry datasets 
  • Knowledge and experience using hydrologic and hydrodynamics modeling applications (familiarity with unstructured models is a significant plus .e.g. ADCIRC/SCHISM/FVCOM) 
  • Experience in numerical model development and programming 
  • Experience with ESRI GIS applications and tools for processing large data sets used in hydrologic/hydraulic analysis 
  • Experience working in Linux environment 


Work can be performed on-site at the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, AL or remotely from anywhere in the US. US citizenship or Permanent Residency is required at time of application. 


PLEASE PROVIDE a cover letter highlighting your experience and training. All applicants are to clearly state their US residence status (either ‘Permanent Resident’ or ‘Citizen’) in the first line of the cover letter.



Please note that all jobs are automatically removed once the application deadline passes. Jobs without a deadline are automatically removed after 30 days.