Associate Research Scientist; State of Florida

Job Title: 
Associate Research Scientist
Job Location: 
Palmetto, Florida
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Job Description

The Associate Research Scientist (ARS) is assigned to the Stock Enhancement Research group, a Subsection (SER) of the Marine Fisheries Research Section within the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute of FWC. SER coordinates with several disciplines within the FWC and its partners to achieve stock enhancement research goals for production and release of aqua cultured marine sportfish into the wild using adaptive and integrative scientific approaches. SER relies on closed recirculating aquaculture systems to produce hatchery marine sportfish and to conduct applied experimental research to develop and optimize procedures for intensive aquaculture of species such as red drum and spotted seatrout. The ARS is an integral part of the technical and research functions of the SER and collaborates with administrative, scientific, and technical team members to develop and coordinate short- and long-term research projects and programming to meet stock enhancement research objectives consistent with the FWC initiatives and policies.

The ARS designs complex programs, projects, or phases of marine stock enhancement initiatives using innovative and collaborative scientific methods. The principal goal for this position is to conduct high-level applied research and develop techniques to use stocking of hatchery-reared marine fish as a fishery management tool using ecologically and biologically sustainable and responsible principles and techniques. The ARS is tasked with developing multidisciplinary stock-enhancement field research, at times in concert with other scientists, which integrates FWC policies or procedures to maintain genetic integrity and health of natural stocks, and FWC fisheries research and management initiatives. The ARS implements hypothesis-driven research and collects and analyzes data using advanced statistical methodology and modeling in completion of detailed analysis for technical reports and peer-reviewed manuscripts. An important component of this position is attendance at scientific conferences and symposia, participation in technical and management workshops and working-group meetings, and interaction with FWC colleagues, partners and stakeholders to communicate research findings.

To effectively and responsibly use hatchery fish to support marine fisheries management, the secondary goal of the position is to develop and conduct scientific experiments collaboratively with the SER team to improve and develop techniques for captive fish reproduction and intensive propagation of juvenile fish. The ARS leads experimental design, analysis and interpretation of data, and reports the results of experimental research in peer-reviewed scientific journals, conferences, workshops, symposia, and technical reports.


Minimum Requirements

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major course of study in one of the physical or natural sciences or mathematics and four years of professional experience in one of the physical or natural sciences or mathematics; or

A master's degree from an accredited college or university with major course of study in one of the physical or natural sciences or mathematics and three years of professional experience as described above; or

A doctorate from an accredited college or university with major course of study in one of the physical or natural sciences or mathematics and one year of professional experience as described above


Preference may be given to candidates who possess the following experience:

At least six years of experience in marine fisheries research

At least three years of experience developing fisheries management models

At least three years of experience in fisheries enhancement research

Experience in advanced use of Statistical Software

Record of publication in peer-reviewed literature

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of the terminology, principles and techniques used in scientific research, analysis or testing. Knowledge of the methods of data collection. Knowledge of stock enhancement and fish population dynamics and supervisory principles, practices and procedures.  Skill to:  use scientific laboratory and field equipment,  collect, record, and analyze scientific data relating to scientific research,  the use of PC-based information and analytical software,  conduct of scientific research studies or analyses using scientific methods and techniques,  perform quantitative analysis of scientific data, communicate effectively verbally and in writing; write technical  and scientific reports. Ability to:  establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, work independently, understand and apply applicable rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to the research sciences and FWC/FWRI practices and procedures; effectively supervise others and cultivate an environment of cooperation and teamwork. Maintain a valid driver’s license

Where to Apply

Applicants are required to submit a complete, up-to-date, State of Florida Employment Application Form electronically in People First ( by the closing date listed.  Resumes and supporting documentation may be submitted at the same time you are applying online, faxed, or mailed to People First, but do not replace the requirement for a completed State of Florida Employment Application Form.


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