Analyst; TechGlobal

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Narragansett, RI or Woods Hole, MA
Full-Time - Permanent


TechGlobal, Inc. is seeking an Analyst experienced in conducting data analysis and developing data products.  Analysis and products will support the NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center’s (NEFSC) Cooperative Research Branch (CRB) bottom longline and bottom trawl surveys to assess the abundance, distribution, and diversity of fish and invertebrates.

  • Manage and develop project Oracle database(s), conduct data audits and develop scripts and protocols for improving them.
  • Oversee staff conducting data audits and make metadata and data available to relevant agency staff, collaborators, and the public.
  • Conduct statistical analyses of the data and coordinate and oversee analyses by other project staff, or editing and review of collaborators’ analyses to include but not limited to:
    • Develop basic modeling approaches with appropriate uncertainty for relative indices of abundance for use in stock assessment models.
    • Explore model types and covariates that could improve the models.
    • Test the resulting model indices against other abundance measures (e.g. the NEFSC Bottom Trawl Survey or other data sets) to validate that the survey index is tracking changes in abundance for different species.
  • Produce tables and figures and supporting documentation and technical descriptions of the work conducted for survey data.
  • Produce final analysis for publication in peer-reviewed manuscripts and technical documents to support stock assessments and fisheries management.
  • Coordinate with researchers and data users in multiple branches at the center and regional office, and producing documents, data, and summaries for their use.
  • Write and review peer-reviewed manuscripts and technical documents both as a lead author and coauthor.
  • Develop materials and present data at scientific conferences and technical meetings, to fisheries managers, and at outreach events.
  • Assist with the development of project reports for NAFO, working groups, and NOAA HQ, and others.
  • Assist in developing technical reports and proposals for competitive funding.
  • Develop and present project materials at scientific conferences and technical meetings, to fisheries managers, and at outreach events.
  • Assist CRB with developing timely responses to incoming Action Items (i.e. Taskers).
  • May require dockside/Harbor Side Work.
  • May provide logistical and at-sea support for industry participants in cooperative research programs; including recruitment with community leaders, program introductions, port visits to identify set-up requirements and constraints, equipment deployment and training, troubleshooting support and data collection, and participate in research cruises as necessary.

EMPLOYMENT TYPEPermanent, Full-Time

EARLIEST START DATEOpen until filled

SALARY RANGECommensurate based on experience


TechGlobal Inc. is looking for highly motivated individuals to support our growing federal practice in IT infrastructure operations and maintenance. Having been in business for over 12 years, we offer a strong innovative team, excellent work environment and a commitment to client satisfaction.Our IT technical expertise is second-to-none and our dedication to customer service, rapid response and flawless execution is a core value that distinguishes TechGlobal Inc. from its competitors. If you are driven to excel, we want you!


  • Bachelor’s degree with six (6) years experience, or Master’s degree with four (4) years experience, or PhD with two (2) years experience; degree and experience must be directly related to the individual requirement.
  • Extensive experience analyzing complex (i.e. fisheries) data sets.
  • Extensive experience with identifying, interpreting, analyzing, and applying a range of established approaches and solutions to tests, problems, or issues.
  • Experience with NEFSC Trawl Survey and other data.
  • Significant experience writing scientific papers for publication.

Skills/certifications and/or credentials:

  • Current MS Office skills
  • PHP, PL/SQL, R, ArcGIS, and/or other programming languages
  • Oracle database systems
  • NSC Defensive Driving Course
  • Valid Driver’s License
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